Shido Network

Build without limits. Shido combines the interoperability of the Cosmos, development power of EVM and WASM.

Shido is a leading Layer 1 Proof-of-Stake Network with superior TTF and infinite scalability. Shido is permission-less and seamlessly interoperable between Cosmos, EVM and WASM. Built on the lightning fast Tendermint it enables developers to choose environment.

900 ms

Time to Finality




Average TX fee

3.0 B

Staked Shido

+2.1 M



Shido Ecosystem

Shido’s extensive Grant Program ensures the best developers are properly rewarded for their effort in building on Shido Network. Shido Network ensures endless scalability and free value sharing between the most prominent Ecosystem’s in the industry.



All powered by the lightning fast Tendermint and secured by a decentralized open source network.

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Shido is a Layer 1 Proof-of-Stake Network in the interoperable Cosmos. Compatible with the IBC Protocol, it connects Shido to more than +100 chains and over +$60B USD in assets for free value sharing and joint liquidity through the protocol.


Shido Network is leveraging EVM & WASM. Interoperable with all EVM Environments and tools, such as Ethereum and MetaMask. Shido is compatible with WASM enabling developers to choose languages such as Rust, C++ and Phyton.

Infinitely Scalable

Shido Network is scalable by nature. The scalability spans both horizontally and vertically. Our Scalability Module allows Shido to open new zones validating blocks simultaneously. Meaning Shido can scale up and increase its output endlessly.

Carbon Neutral

Shido Network is climate neutral. Nodes are running alongside our Carbon Neutral Program that ensures Shido does not impact the environment. Our Zero Carbon program collects rewards to our Green Fund that is used to reduce the climate impact to zero.

Explore shido

Explore the Network

Navigate on Shido Network seamlessly with our cutting-edge blockchain scanner, meticulously crafted to deliver an unparalleled and serene user experience for developers and individuals.


Choose Language, infinitely Scalable. Explore our SDKs.


Apply for Shido Network Grant Program.


Developers, Holders and Validators. We are the Community.


Migrate your Shido Erc20 to native coin


Shido Network official documentation.

block explorer

Shidoscan official blockchain explorer for Shido Network.


Welcome to official Shido Newsroom.

Shido Ide

Shido IDE

Shido IDE is an integrated development environment and the main hub for developing dApps on Shido Network. Customized and fully devoted to Shido Network, developers can leverage the platform to seamlessly deploy smart contracts and build applications.



Go-to-market in an instant. Shido IDE supports modules for testing, debugging and deployment. As well as ready made contract templates, code snippets and extensive documentation.


Zero Carbon Footprint

Shido Network is a climate neutral blockchain. Our Validator Nodes are running alongside our Carbon Neutral Program that ensures Shido Network does not impact the environment. Our Zero Carbon Footprint program collects rewards to our Green Fund that is used to reduce the climate impact to zero.


Shido Network is already energy efficient due to its design and PoS consensus mechanism. To achieve zero impact we are simultaniously running Shido Carbon Neutral program were we are reforesting and planting trees in Africa. We are together with reforesting the nature in Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. 

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