Shido Global Hackathon

Shido Hackathon

Shido Global Hackathon is series of events where the most prominent developers, entrepreneurs and builders comes together to build on Shido Network.

Shido Global Hackathon

Shido Hackathon is both virtual and physical events occurring throughout the year. We are hosting both traditional Hackathon’s and global online events where the most prominent developers, entrepreneurs and builders comes together to compete to launch their crypto startup on Shido Network.



Seed rounds are raised from prominent investors and Shido community to provide prizes and grants for the best builders on Shido Network.



Shido Hackathon provides a global platform for ambitious builders, a launchpad to create projects that keeps pushing Shido Ecosystem forward to the future. It’s a unique opportunity for builders to showcase their creativity and innovation. We welcome applications from all over the globe across all sectors in crypto. Shido will be providing technical guidance, support, mentorship and incentives to help entrepreneurs accelerate their projects into the next stages of growth.



We encourage builders to participate regardless of your project stage. Shido encourages all developers to create native projects on Shido Network which is one of the fastest blockchains on the market leveraging both EVM and WASM. Builders can create projects in areas such as DeFi, GameFi, AI, NFT’s, RWA, SocialFi and more. Only your team’s minds sets the limit. Shido will also publicly support prominent projects building on Shido Network through our official channels.


Upcoming Shido Hackathons

Shido Forge Hackathon

Virtual global event

Sector: DeFi

Date: 16-28th February

Rewards: Native SHIDO tokens

Register and Join  –


Shido Shield Hackathon

Virtual global event

Sector: Bug bounty and Security

Date: 20-25th February

Rewards: USDT and native SHIDO tokens

Registration –


Shido Samurai Summit

Physical Hackathon (Location TBA) and Virtual global event

Sector: All

Date: 15-20th March

Rewards: Native SHIDO tokens

Registration –



Please review the sections below for relevant information about the next Shido Forge Hackathon.


What to Expect

Shido will offer a variety of different workshops, mentorships and Q&A with panels to support the builders in the hackathon. In addition we will provide resources for developers to aid them in the journey of building on Shido Network.


Shido will unlock the potential for your project to take it to the next steps of growth. You will be able to showcase what you have created to prominent investors, industry experts, venture capitalists and more. Expanding your existing network and get the chance to be in the spotlight of crypto.


How to get started?

Register and join Shido Forge Hackathon –


Get involved, we encourage you to join the Shido Community. Join Shido Discord channel and Shido Telegram group. Follow Shido’s X profile to stay up-to-date with the latest. At the bottom of the page you can sign up for Shido Newsletter.

Find and interact with other developers, get advice from our advisors and directly from Shido Team and Shido Labs developers.

Key Dates and Events

Kick-off event: 16th February
Submissions open: 16th February
Submissions close: 28th February
Hackathon results: 8th March

Note: You can already now start to build on Shido Network Testnet.




Participation Guidelines

Head over to the Shido Forge Hackathon Luma event page for the latest and register with yourself or your team.


Submit your project before the submissions deadline is closed.

Judging Criteria

Shido Labs and partners will thoroughly review your project and submission. Please note, you must have an open source repo (with commits) available for the Judges at hand.



The top 5 projects will win the following prizes, along with the chance to receive much higher grants afterwards from Shido Grant Program.



First prize: $5,000 USD worth SHIDO
Second prize: $2,000 USD worth SHIDO
Third prize: $1,000 USD worth SHIDO

Fourth prize: $1,000 USD worth SHIDO

Fifth prize: $1,000 USD worth SHIDO


Learning Resources

Shido Network:
Shido Documents:

Shido IDE:

Shido Block Explorer:

Shido Official Web:



Developers and builders can participate in teams or by themselves. We do not make a distinction. You are allowed to have up to 10 developers in one team.



Shido Forge Hackathon is worldwide, all developers, innovators and tech enthusiasts can participate. Once the hackathon has started, you will have the option to submit your project. You can only make 1 submission per participating team.



You are expected to come up with new and innovative ideas. Any idea or code that has been copied from somewhere else will be disqualified. You may use open source libraries and other freely available systems/services such as Google Maps, Facebook Connect, X feeds etc.



The intellectual property of your code belongs to your team. By participating in Shido Forge Hackathon you agree to the terms and conditions of Shido Global.


Other useful links

Register and join Shido Forge Hackathon –

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