Shido App

Crypto App, NFTs & Gateway to dApps

Shido App is a non-custodial decentralized wallet to Buy, Send and Swap Cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

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Shido App

Download Shido App

The most feature-rich DeFi App on the Market

+ One of the fastest growing Crypto apps
+ Join thousands users, download today for free
+ Securely Buy, Sell and Store Crypto Assets
+ Inbuilt DEX, Cross-Chain Swap and Crypto Card

DeFi Cross-Chain Dex

Shido App offers the best Cross-Chain Dex on the market aggregating liquidity from over 200 sources across multiple networks. Seamlessly swap across chains without leaving the app.

Fiat On - &
Off Ramp

It has never been easier to buy or sell cryptocurrency! Buy hundreds of cryptocurrencies directly with your card without KYC. Withdraw funds directly to your bank account from Shido App.

NFT Support & Gallery View

Safely store your NFT Collectibles in Shido App. Receive, send and buy NFTs in an easy way. View them and monitor the value of your collection in our NFT Gallery View.

Custom Web3 Browser

Explore the world of Web3 in Shido App. With our inbuilt custom Web3 Browser you can easily search and connect to dApps with WalletConnect V2. Safe & Secure.

All in One

The All-in-one Crypto App

Easy access to cryptocurrency.

+ Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum or other Currencies in minutes
+ Safely Store your NFTs and Collectibles in one place
+ Swap crypto in our Cross-Chain Dex inside the app
+ Connect your Hardware Wallet and access your assets
+ Private & Secure, only you have the keys to the app
+ Web3 Browser, connect to dApps in our custom browser

Get Started

Get started in a few simple steps

Download Shido App today for free and get started with one of the fastest growing crypto apps in the industry. Shido App is available as mobile application for iOS and Android and is non-custodial.

Download Shido App

Download Shido App on iOS or Android for free.

Create A New Wallet

Create a new DeFi Wallet with just a click.

Get some Crypto Assets

Easily buy some crypto with Card in minutes.

Issue a Shido Card and start spending your Crypto.

Coming soon

Upcoming Integrations

4 New Blockchain Integrations

In 2024 Shido App will launch and support a total of 7 blockchains. We are now integrating Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Base and Arbitrum.

In 2024 we are integrating Shido Card into Shido App. A crypto debit card available to use in over 170 countries and +42m merchants worldwide. Start spending your crypto worldwide with Shido App.

OpenSea Full NFT Integration

In 2024 we are launching a fully compatible OpenSea Integration. You will be able to trade NFTs on OpenSea NFT Marketplace inside Shido App without the need to ever leave the app.

Shido DEX Full Integration

In 2024 we are fully integrating Shido DEX Platform into Shido App. Shido DeFi Aggregator, Cross-Chain and Perpetuals will be fully available directly inside Shido App UI.

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