Shido Grant Program

Shido Grant Program powers the future of Shido through an extensive program. Teams and Developers who want to build on Shido Network can access the allocated funding.

Applications are officially open for grants. Shido actively funds and supports projects that are building on, or, fully integrating Shido Network in existing products and protocols.



Shido Grant Program is funded by the Shido Growth Fund which is a special allocation of funds, for ambitious teams who want to build on Shido Network.

How to Apply?

Valid applications can be sent to [email protected]. Please note, due to a high load of applicants response time may vary.

What is the funding?

Fundings is individual depending on the scope of works. Shido work closely, with teams supporting all the way to launch. Grants are often milestone-based, where payouts occur when significant milestones are met. A portion of the grant is paid in advance, while the majority of the grant is paid after successful development and launch.

What to include in the application?

The application must include certain sections, as follows,

– Contact

– About

– Location

– Links (GitHub, X, Website..)

– Category (DeFi, GameFi, AI ..)

– Project Description

– Goals & Milestones

– Timeline

– Requested Funds

– Detailed Budget

What are the categories?

1. DeFi

DeFi grants are aimed at enriching the current DeFi landscape on Shido Network.



Examples of what we are looking for:


– Lending protocols

– Derivatives DEXs

– DEXs with weighted pools

– Yield aggregators

– Different liquidity layers

– Restaking

– And more



2. GameFi

GameFi grants are aimed at enriching the current gaming landscape on Shido Network.


Shido actively supports web3 games and P2E with easy onboarding, viral social mechanics, referral programs, elements of competition and exciting gameplay. All types of games can apply to the program, mobile games or PC.



3. AI

AI grants are aimed at enriching the current AI development on Shido Network.



AI is one of the fastest-growing sectors in crypto. Shido has a high focus on onboarding ambitious teams building AI applications on Shido Network.



4. Cross-Chain

Cross-Chain grants are aimed at further developing the interoperability of Shido Network.


Cross-chain solutions and interoperability are a key aspect to the success of Shido Ecosystem. Shido encourages ambitious teams to build cross-chain solutions on Shido Network.



5. Dev Tooling


Dev Tooling grants are aimed at developing tools that make Shido Network easy to integrate with other applications and protocols.


This also includes dev tools that makes smart contract interactions with Shido Network easierk

Submit Application

Do not wait to submit your application. Valid applications can be sent to [email protected].

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